To ensure that your cricket bat lasts for a long period of time it is important to take proper care. A decent cricket bat is not cheap and batsmen tend to become very attached to their bats. Repairs you can do yourself range from regular maintenance such as replacing the rubber handle to restoring the blade.

Regular maintenance tasks include:

Wind bat repair tape a few times around the blade where and when you notice surface cracking. Don’t use too much tape as this will deaden the feel of the bat. Act as soon as the cracks appear, especially those across the blade.

Replace the rubber handle whenever it wears or cracks. Roll the new grip on gently and tape it to the top of the blade with bat repair tape.

Wipe the bat with a dry cloth whenever it gets wet. Put it somewhere cool to dry out, but away from the heat. Excessive dryness will shorten the bat’s life. Apply one coat of oil when properly dry to keep the bat moist.

Post-season bat care:

Remove any anti-scuff sheet on the face of the bat at the end of the season. Treat the bat with a coat of raw linseed oil and apply another coat 24 hours later. Leave the bat for at least a week to let the oil sink into the willow and dry.

Apply a new anti-scuff sheet, sand and restore the entire blade. This gives the bat a near new finish. Sanding keeps the willow supple and allows it to breathe, extending the bat’s life and minimising the chances of cracking. Follow this with two good coats of raw linseed oil.

For further advice on taking care of your cricket bat, speak to our Bat n Ball staff at any our Sportsmart stores. Also, don’t forget to check out The Cricket Sale!

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