If you are part of a sporting club you will be glad to know that there are programs available out there that can offer your club a grant for your team uniforms. The Victorian Government would like to support recreational clubs and create a sense of community membership through the Sporting Uniform Grants Program.

The Sporting Uniform Grants Program provides grants of up to $1000 to assist in the purchase of sport uniforms. Click on the following link to see if your club is eligible to apply. Grants from this program can be used for the purchase of sporting uniforms and footwear which are essential to participate in sport i.e. jumpers, tracksuits, football boots etc.

For more information on the Sporting Uniform Grants Program you can go to their website or contact the Grants Information Line on 1300 366 356.

Sportsmart is able to cater to your clubs uniform requirements for both on and off the field. Contact us at for more information

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