To become a better catcher it is essential that you are aware of your role on your team. You are there primarily to catch for your pitcher and manage the defence. The following will provide you with some basic steps on how to improve your game and become a better catcher.

It is important to learn every possible pitch. Know how fast pitches are thrown and where you need to position your glove. Practice catching as much as possible. Ask your pitcher to pitch to you or use a pitching machine if you have access to one, if not ask someone else to throw to you. To keep your knees healthy you can catch while sitting on a chair.

Practice throwing to all of the bases. Your throws need to be accurate and quick. Wear your catching equipment so that you are ready for game day. Practice communicating to your pitcher as well as the rest of your team before and after each pitch. Remind infielders to watch base runners. Announce how many outs you have and where the next play should happen.

Having the correct equipment is also very important. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of a pitch and having bats swung at your head without wearing protective gear. Your equipment should include body pads, a face mask and helmet. Your catcher’s mitt is a different kind of glove with more padding.

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