By adding a bend or a curve to a soccer ball, you have the ability to lift a ball up and around a wall of defenders such as on a free kick. Defenders are often unable to stop shots that curve because the ball bends away from them and towards the target. By learning how to curve the ball, you will become a real threat to your opponents and a stronger striker.

Start by standing directly behind the soccer ball. Then take two to three steps back and three to four steps off to the left. You must approach the ball at this angle in order to curve it properly.

Jog towards the ball. Professional players always approach the ball at either a jog or a sprint. This helps to put your body in the proper position and gives the ball the needed lift and velocity after you strike. Place your plant foot about an inch behind and off to the left of the ball and angle your foot toward the ball. This will help you strike the ball in the proper spot and keep you from accidentally hitting the top of the ball.

Strike the ball with the inside portion of your foot at the bottom half of the ball. Aim for the centre bottom area of the ball to achieve optimum lift and curve. Curl your striking foot up and around the side of the ball so that your foot finishes on the top right proportion of the ball. Your toe points toward the target when finished and this motion will give the ball the desired curve.

Finally, shift your body weight toward the target as you curl your foot around the ball. This will help to guide the ball. Shift your upper body toward the target right as you curl your foot so that the ball heads in that direction.

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