A punching bag can be a tool for boxers looking to train or for anyone looking for a workout. Proper use of both types (the heavy bag and the speed bag) is essential in order to maximise the punching bag’s usefulness.

To begin, make sure both of your hands and wrists are wrapped securely to lessen the impact they will get when they hit the bag. Securing your hands and wrists will also help prevent injuries such as sprains and jammed knuckles. Make sure that the gloves are laced up securely and straps are fastened.

Before actually hitting the bag, learn to move around with it. To move most efficiently, stay on your toes while moving left and right around the bag. The speed bag is more about rhythm and timing on short punches than actual fitness. However, there is a benefit to upper body endurance. For the speed bag, stay slightly bent at the knees.

When working the bag, don’t stand right in front of it and simply throw a punch from the shoulder at it. Technique is very important and it all begins with your posture. A right-handed boxer will stand with their left foot forward with weight slightly on the back foot. This will allow the left hand to be the jab hand, while the stronger hand will throw harder punches such as an uppercut or hook.

Use the speed bag for jab practice. Extend through the bag and alternate your lead foot to try to jab with the other hand. An ideal punch will result in the arm fully extended through the punch when it lands on its target. Use the heavy bag to practice ‘power punches’.

Sportsmart has a variety of punching bags to suit your boxing and fitness needs. You can view our punching bags and boxing equipment online or visit one of our stores to get expert advice from our fitness staff on selecting equipment for your workout needs.

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