Mastering your layups will help you improve your game. Every player should master this skill before they attempt other skills such as a jump shot or technical moves. Many youths have trouble with layups and opportunities are often missed. A layup can be the difference between winning and losing. This article will describe a layup from a right handed perspective, if you are left handed simply reverse the left and right to do a left handed layup.

Stand about a meter or so to the right of the free line. This should make a 45 degree angle to the basket. Have a basketball ready and dribble towards the basket on the 45 degree angle. When you are getting close to the ring, secure the ball with both hands while still in motion to the basket. You should be picking up the ball just when your right foot is hitting the floor. Keep the ball on the right side of your body as you convert from dribbling to shooting the layup.

As you step with your left foot, you will want to plant it to jump towards the basket. When jumping off your left foot, your right knee should thrust upwards, this will allow you to explode up to the basket. Keep the ball in both hands on the right side of your body and extend your arms towards the basket.

Remember to focus your eyes on the target during the layup, avoid looking down at the ball. An ideal target is the upright line on the square of the backboard. As you reach the height of your jump, release the left hand and propel your right wrist foward to release the ball to the target. Let the momentum carry you past the basket. If you stop in front of the basket, you did not explode enough to the basket.

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