People looking for a personal trainer look for more than just someone who can provide them with a good workout. They look for someone who can motivate them, cares about them and sets a good example. As a personal trainer you must have a good knowledge of health and fitness. You will not be able to get away with not knowing what you are talking about when consulting with clients. Not only will you look silly when you are caught out, you might cause an injury. Your focus during your training time with your client must be focused completely on your client. You have to put yourself aside for that time and be the most motivating and inspiring trainer you can be.

You must remember that you have boundaries. You have to remain professional. Your client may turn to you for personal advice but you have to stay professional. You have a job to do. Part of that job involves being prepared. This includes showing up to training sessions on time and having your files and equipment ready to go. Your files should include the programs you have developed for clients. Try to have an area where you can work from such as a home office, this will enable you to keep things in order.

It is important to show your clients that you care. Make sure that you return phone calls straight away, reply to emails straight away, follow up with clients to make sure that the program you designed is working for them and send your clients thank-you cards for doing business with you.

Personal trainers need to stay up to date with medicine, fitness, nutrition and even business. These fields are constantly changing. You can attend short courses or go to conferences or workshops to have accurate information. You should also have subscriptions to industry magazines and make an effort to speak to other personal trainers.

Sportsmart offers personal trainers a customised membership program called ClubPT. Personal trainers who are part of ClubPT will receive a discount for not only themselves but also their clients. They are also able to accrue PT Credits and for every 400 credits you will receive a $20 Sportsmart gift voucher. It is free to join so if you’re a personal trainer sign up today!


  1. Jason Hester

    I totally agree, Most PT’s in the industry are being sucked into the trap of PT marketing companies who believe that a PT should be able to earn over $100,000 a year (yeah right). We are now bombarded with Pt’s who do a short course and have an idea of what personal training is all about. IT IS NOT MONEY IT IS THE LOVE OF HELPING SOMEONE WITH A HEALTH RELATED ISSUE AND ALL OF WHAT SPORTSMART HAS MENTIONED.If you PT doesn’t have the passion get someone who does. Written by thanks guys for letting me comment. Keep up the great work.

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