Attracting sponsors for your local sporting club can be a difficult task. It requires having the right approach to demonstrate to the potential sponsor that the partnership will be mutual and beneficial for both of you.

You might want to begin by preparing a list of friends, associates and supporters. This might include people who run a business, fans who have a strong attachment to the club or suppliers to the club i.e. caterers, sports shops etc. and other businesses in the area which are known for having strong links with the community.

Before approaching a potential sponsor, you must prepare a proposal. This will enable you to highlight the opportunities that a partnership with your club will bring. When putting together the proposal, think about the types of businesses that would match well with your club and if they will help the club’s image within the community. Try not to spend too much time talking simply about benefits of sponsoring; businesses want to know if there are any opportunities for growth.

Also, try not to waffle on. Be straight to the point in your proposal and give the reader enough information to make a decision. Spelling and grammar is also important, ensure there are no errors as it will look very unprofessional.

You have to remember that most sponsors are looking for advertising and promotion for their business. This might mean seeing their logo displayed on team strips, trophies, equipment, club website etc. Your sponsor will also appreciate being mentioned in marketing materials that your club may supply.

The Sportsmart Club Advantage program is designed to help local sporting clubs by offering them a tool to help fund the cost of sporting equipment. It is free to join and offers many benefits to sporting clubs including a 5% discount for club members and the ability to accrue credits and receive a rebate twice yearly in the form of gift cards. Visit the Club Advantage website for more details and how to sign up your local club.

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