Boxing has always been a very popular sport. The athlete’s ability combined with their boxing equipment is what makes them a great boxer. Choosing the right boxing gloves is one of the most important decisions a boxer has to make before setting foot in the ring.

If you are new to boxing, you need to have the right pair of gloves. Don’t go straight for the best looking ones, do some research. Leather gloves are usually highly recommended. They do cost a bit more than gloves made from other materials, but on the plus side they last a lot longer and offer more support. If you want to use boxing gloves simply for a fitness class, the material shouldn’t matter too much.

Next, you have to consider the way the gloves are going to close. There are two main options; both depend on what you will be using the gloves for. You can get gloves that tie onto your hands, this is what professional boxers use. The feeling should be similar to that of wearing shoes, tying the laces will make the gloves feel snug. You also have the option of using gloves with Velcro straps. The advantage of these is that you can put them on and take them off by yourself whereas with gloves with laces you will need someone else to put them on and take them off for you. Again, if you are an average person looking for decent gloves for fitness and training purposes you can use the boxing gloves with the Velcro straps.

Another important factor to consider is the size of your boxing gloves. Sizes include small, medium and large and are made for both men and women. Average men will normally need a large and average women will normally need a medium. Try your boxing gloves on with wraps if possible. Your fingers need to curl to about 1cm at the end. If the gloves feel a little bit tight then they are a good fit.

Sportsmart stocks a large range of boxing gloves and equipment for both professional and training needs. View our boxing range online or visit one of our stores to get expert advice in choosing the right boxing gloves for you.

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