In this day and age, local sporting clubs need to be active on social networking websites. There are many reasons why local sporting clubs should have an active Facebook presence. For example, there are more than 500 million Facebook members, 8 million of those members are Australian. In fact, these days people expect clubs and businesses alike to have Facebook pages and have a prominent online presence.

A Facebook page is a great opportunity to create conversation about your club, promote events, update fans with news and run competitions. You should also create a Twitter page for your club. It may not have as much merit as a Facebook page, but it still has its advantages.

By having a Twitter, you can ‘follow’ local news outlets, other sporting clubs, sponsors; supporters etc. and watch your fan base grow. You might even catch the attention of local media and new sponsors. You can also tweet club news, what teams will be playing on the weekend and links to the club website and Facebook page.

Another benefit for using both Facebook and Twitter is that you can even post videos of games, events and interviews to further engage with your audience. Supporters and members want to be involved with their club and have a say.

Using social media is also a great way of communicating information to members of the club i.e. cancelled training, presentation nights etc. on a timely basis. Social networking is available on most phones and tablets therefore communicated messages will be received almost immediately after being sent.

Starting and maintaining Facebook and Twitter pages is made easy due to their easy accessibility through phones. With free sign up and the ability to reach thousands if not millions of people, you can’t afford to be an inactive member of the social networking community.

Sportsmart has both a Facebook and Twitter page which reaches thousands of fans and followers. We run competitions and post interesting information frequently and they are a great way for us to engage directly with our valued customers. ‘Follow’ or ‘like’ us today!

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