Organising and running a fundraiser for your local sporting club can be difficult. It takes time and proper organisation to ensure that the event is a success. Here is a simple guide you can follow on how to organise a fundraiser for your club.

Firstly, it is essential that you develop a plan and a schedule on how the event will run on the day. Figure out what needs to be done prior to the event and who needs to be involved in this process. You must start the planning process early. If you need to book a venue, facilities, and a guest speaker or apply for permits it is important to make sure these are the first things to be taken care of on your list as they may take time.

Don’t try to plan an entire event on your own, ask for help. Members of the committee, parents of sporting club members or even the members themselves can help to plan the event.

It is important to promote the event. Use a variety of methods i.e. making posters and displaying them around the club, word of mouth, mentioning the event in your clubs newsletter, putting the event on the club website, putting posters up in local businesses etc. Without promotion, you will miss opportunities in which to target people both within and outside of the club.

Complying with regulations also needs to be taken into consideration. Make sure you have all the necessary permissions for the event. For example, if the event is not at the club i.e. a local park, you will need to check with the local council as to whether or not you have permission to use a public area.

Lastly, remember to thank those involved in the planning process and who helped contribute to the event. This includes any local businesses who have supplied donations as well as volunteers. It might be an idea to develop certificates of appreciation to hand out as a more formal way of saying thank-you.

The Sportsmart Club Advantage program is designed to help local sporting clubs by offering them a tool to help fund the cost of sporting equipment. It is free to join and offers many benefits to sporting clubs including a 5% discount for club members and the ability to accrue credits and receive a rebate twice yearly in the form of gift cards. These gift cards can be useful as prizes or giveaways for club events and fundraisers.

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