When coaching young players, it is important to understand that all players have different skills and strengths. They all learn differently and patience is very important. Some have a natural ability when it comes to playing sport and some need more time to find their feet during a game.

During training sessions it is important to go over basic skills and continue to do so every week. This enables every player at every skill level to improve their knowledge of the sport and practice important drills which can be used on game day. Basic drills such as passing or kicking should be an emphasis in every training session for every sport.

Drills that work especially well are those that require the team as a whole to work together to reach a goal. For example, in basketball training having the team rebound 30 shots without letting the ball hit the ground. Not only do drills like these bring the players together as a team but also encourage stronger players to help others on the team.

As the players get used to training and playing together, their confidence will increase. The players will get used to each other and their coach and you will see many improvements in the way they play the game.

In every team, support is needed from everyone players, coaches, parents etc. The Sportsmart Club Advantage program is designed to help local sporting clubs by offering them a tool to help fund the cost of sporting equipment. It is free to join and offers many benefits to sporting clubs including a 5% discount for club members and the ability to accrue credits and receive a rebate twice yearly in the form of gift card. Visit the Club Advantage website to sign your club up today.

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