The winner of Sportsmart and Wilson’s tennis sponsorship program, Scott Lyons, provides regular blog articles on his favourite topic – tennis …

In order from highest to lowest, which sport is most popular in Australia: AFL, rugby (league or union), cricket or tennis? Victorians may say AFL first, those up north will proclaim rugby to be the greatest sport of all, while others may believe cricket to be the best. However, as a whole, tennis would generally be seen as the least popular of those options in Australia.

Now ask yourself that same question, yet this time not in terms of popularity in Australia, but popularity on a worldwide scale. This time, tennis would be seen as the most popular sport of all four.

Getting involved in tennis is getting involved in a global sport, a sport which is recognised and followed around the world. It provides opportunities to meet new people from different cultures and provides opportunities for life. Whether you travel overseas or even move overseas in the future, what a luxury it would be to play a sport which is recognised in that country. And when you can join a tennis club in that country, it is the easiest and quickest way to a new network of people.

So play a sport which can be played anywhere and everywhere, pick up a racquet and start hitting!

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