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With the dust now clearing from an entertaining round 5 of AFL football, we have learnt which teams are on the way up and which teams are on the way down. But lets hope that teams on the way down can come back up again.

According to the Foxsports experts in the likes of Jason Dunstall and Brian Taylor, teams like St.kilda and Adelaide really need to step it up! In my opinion, the Saints need more than one win to come back from what most will call the darkest era in Saints history. Over the somewhat dull summer we had, we have almost watched the destruction of the football club by one single person who only 17yrs old, is not legally allowed to vote . Has the club been able to come back from this dark time? Well after 5 rounds and 4 games for the Saints they only have 1 win, and to be honest, it came against a team tipped to finish in the bottom 4 this season. St Kilda need help, and it can’t come only from the coaches, it has to start with the leaders of the club, the fans need to get behind the boys better than what they have so far this season. Positive Positive Positive should be yelled out during training with only that positive energy pumped through the club at all times. They can come back, but in my opinion a top 4 finish and that premiership window is all but closed for season 2011.

The Adelaide Crows are in trouble, a much better performance this week against Carlton was a good sign that maybe things aren’t as bad as first seemed. But lets be honest, they are in strife! But lets just say this, its good strife, its rebuilding strife. The crows lost big name, big game players at the end of last season with the likes of Andrew Mcleod and Brett Burton to name a couple. It will take time to develop some of the new faces at the club so fans need to be patient. They will come good, just give these new kids time.

The problem is Brisbane, Nth Melbourne, Richmond and West Coast are pretty similar to the Crows. Young bodies and little game time are the factors, but with more games comes more experience. Injuries at North and the Lions are hurting them more at the moment but with the likes of Brown coming back within the next month or so, the Lions could regain some power up forward. Nth need their fans, and need them badly, Nth fans get to games, support your team and buy a membership, my North Melbourne membership jokes to my friends are getting old, start buying some memberships!

How good are the bombers? Well looking at Anzac day, they aren’t far off good teams. The bombers fought hard against a harder, tougher opponent like the Pies. The final score flattered the Pies to a point but it helped my mate win a bet so on behalf of him, thanks Collingwood for the final score. But these bombers showed something that hasn’t been showed by an Essendon team since early 2002, and that’s fight! They fight and fight for not just 2 quarters, but for 4 and it’s great to see. The passion from the fans is showing through the players and the results are coming. Its only round 5 so the “finals” lid is tightly on, but maybe I can be a wishful Bombers fan and say that a top 6 finish is not out of the question.

Finally, the Gold Coast Suns, well done on your first win. Not many predicted you’d win a game in your first season let alone the first 5 rounds. Well done but lets hope the bombers stop that as round 6 is looming.

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