The winner of Sportsmart and Wilson’s tennis sponsorship program, Scott Lyons, provides regular blog articles on his favourite topic – tennis …

One thing I found to be fantastic about this range as a whole is that there is a racquet offered for every player, with each racquet being distinct from the previous one and this is clear to the player too. It takes the guess work away from purchasing racquets. As we know, no racquet has optimum power and optimum control; we simply must find a balance between the two. In simple terms for the Organix range, the lower the number, the more power in the racquet, and the higher the number, the more control in the racquet.

Now onto the Organix 8. I can’t lie, this was one of the best racquets I have ever played with. It was unbelievable in all areas and I could not fault it. The Organix 8 is a heavier racquet than the previous two, weighing in at the more common weight of 300 grams. It also has a standard head size of 100 square inches.

Being a former user of the Babolat Aero Pro Drive – a racquet designed for top spin – I never thought any racquet could have as much spin as that racquet. Yet the Organix 8 may have slightly surpassed even that. The top spin was crazy. The racquet was also more than accommodating for slices too.

However, the key difference between this spin friendly racquet and other spin friendly racquets was that this had massive rewards for flattening the ball out too. The power was massive. Despite this though, it was very hard to miss a ball, with the ball hardly ever sailing well long when you ever so slightly mistimed it.

Volleying was very crisp at the net, with the ball coming off nicely and being easy to direct. Likewise, serving was fantastic and I was generating more power on my serve than what I am used to. If you play tennis often and play competition tennis, this racquet is perfect for you.

Finally to conclude, the feature which I loved so much about each racquet was the unbelievable shock absorbance. Any Volkl Organix racquet is perfect for players with elbow problems. Please go and at least have a look at these racquets for yourself. I genuinely hope that more people get to play with them. Remember, not only do Sportsmart offer great knowledge about each and every tennis racquet, but they will let you demo the racquet too.

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