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I have just had the privilege to be able to test out the brand new Volkl Organix range, and I was more than impressed! I was lucky enough to receive three racquets: the Organix 4, the Organix 6 and the Organix 8.

The second racquet I played with was the Organix 6. This racquet is the same weight as the Organix 4 (275g), yet has a more standard head size at 100 square inches. This racquet is light, maneuverable and offers great power without the need for a big swing. Forehands and backhands were both strong with this racquet, with spin easily generated too.

Like the previous racquet I tried out – the Organix 4, when you take a swipe, it stays hit. However, while this racquet is powerful, the power shouldn’t be entirely seen as your hardest shot alone. The main benefit of the extra power is for the regular shots and the shots where you are not in position to swing fully. Again, due to the lightweight, it was great fun serving with this racquet. I found greater consistency and power, and was able to hit good topspin serves.

So who is this racquet best suited to? If you play regularly with a good technique then this is a great racquet for you. If you often lack power in certain shots, whether it be a defensive backhand or anything else, then this will compliment your game perfectly.

Sportsmart has a wide range of tennis racquets to suit every players needs. To check out the Organix 6 tennis racquet for yourself, visit the Sportsmart website or come in store and try it out.

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