The founder of Sportsmart, Mike Woods, has had the opportunity to re-string racquets for some big names in tennis in the past. We get the inside info…

How long have you been re-stringing racquets?

41 years

Who are some of the big names in tennis that you’ve re-strung racquets for?

Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe

What do you remember about their re-stringing requirements, and the types of racquets they used?

They were complete opposites, though they both used ‘Gut’.

Bjorn Borg had his racquet strung at 88lbs. He was under contract to an American brand called ‘Bancroft’, but here he used a ‘Donnay’ wood racquet from Beligum, and the ‘Donney’ logo was painted over, with the ‘Bancroft’ logo on it.

John McEnroe liked loose strings, 44lbs. He used a timber ‘Wilson’ racquet.

Both the players were here for the Australian Gold Challenge.

When did Sportsmart first start offering a racquet re-stringing service?

I had a tennis and sports centre in Moorabbin, where I re-strung racquets in the mid ’70s. I moved the racquet repair business to Sportsmart in the mid ’80s.

Sportsmart provides customers with a high quality racquet re-stringing service which is excellent value for money. Our experienced tennis experts will guide you on the best string and tension for your racquet. We will then string them on our electronic machines to ensure exact tension.

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