The winner of Sportsmart and Wilson’s tennis sponsorship program, Scott Lyons, provides regular blog articles on his favourite topic – tennis …

The Australian tennis season is now over, and footy is well and truly back. Does this mean we hang up the racquet until the end of the year? Of course not! In fact, there is no better time than right now to be playing tennis.

Tennis is generally known as an all-year sport. But, while some (including me) don’t mind playing in the middle of winter, no one could argue against the fact that the weather conditions for playing tennis are far better right now than when the cold weather hits later in the year.

Warmer weather means the balls bounce better and travel through the air faster, resulting in enjoyable rallies. Warm weather also means not being cold! Of course the downside to this is that you may get more tired and may sweat more, but this can very easily be resolved. If you want to play in the heat, play in the middle of the day. If you prefer slightly cooler conditions, play in the morning or evening. It’s that simple. You can tailor the conditions to your own preferences.

So make the most of this weather while you can. Before you know it we will be having 11 degree days and the sun setting at 5:30pm.

And remember to also stock up at Sportsmart’s Summer of Tennis Sale before the end of the month!

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