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When selecting a tennis racquet there are many key features that you must take into consideration. These include the weight, head size, string pattern and grip size.

Weight –

While a heavier racquet is more powerful, a lighter racquet is more manoeuvrable and can therefore be swung faster which produces power. The only way to find out which one is best for you is to try them both for yourself.

If you want to upgrade your racquet but were comfortable with the weight of your previous racquet, try to find another tennis racquet similar in weight.

Head Size –

Head size can also influence the power generated from a racquet. Generally, a larger head size produces more power and a larger sweet spot. A smaller head size is used to gain extra control.

String Pattern –

The string pattern on a racquet is usually classified as either open or closed.

An open string pattern is one in which the strings are spaced further apart. This allows for more spin potential, however increases the chances of breaking a string.

A closed string pattern is handy for players seeking more control (less rebound), yet does not offer as much spin as an open string pattern.

Grip Size –

It is essential that the grip size on your tennis racquet is correct for your hand. A size too small or too large can result in wrist problems as well as being detrimental to your game. If you are unsure about which grip size you are, a Sportsmart staff member can help you in-store, or you can learn more by reading our article about grip size.

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As for the Australian Open, I am tipping a Federer – Soderling final with Federer to win, and a Clijsters – Wozniacki final with Clijsters to win.

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