Gerrard Woods, Director, Sportsmart

Durban 16/6/2010  – The quiet day

Not much planned for today. Our only real aim (besides watching more football) was to decide who to support at our next match – Spain or Switzerland. We wanted to be swayed by the people.

The day’s higlight was definately the New Zealand vs Slovakia match. The South African commentators were highly critical of New Zealand’s chances – repeatedly saying that their best tactic would to be to play to prevent a heavy loss. The cheer in the pub was huge when Winston Reid headed in the equaliser 30 seconds from full-time. It was great to see our friends from across the ditch go so well.

Portugal vs Ivory Coast was next up – Cristiano Ronaldo vs Didier Drogba. In all honestly it was a pretty dull match, but it was great to have a chat with Robbie Slater during the match although his views on Chelsea FC were not appreciated.

Brazil vs North Korea rounded off the day. By this time, all the locals Durbanites were out celebrating the impending public holiday the next day which lead to a great atmosphere to watch the game. Some classy goals from the Brzailians sealed the result, but North Korea did earn a nice late goal as consolation.

After much heated debate, I decided that I would support Switzerland tomorrow. Not just because their fans were very friendly and festive, but I don’t think a team featuring the likes of Torres, Fabregas and Xavi need any extra help…

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