Try before you buy with the Sportsmart Boot Van!

Sportsmart is proud to offer a new service for local club footballers with our brand-new custom-fitted Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van – home to more than 120 pairs of ‘try on’ Nomis football boots.

Players can try out various Nomis football boots during training, to make an informed purchase decision. This unique ‘try-on’ experience, along with expert advice from Sportsmart staff, helps players get the correct boot to suit their needs.

Nomis is the chosen football boot of many international and national football stars, but this service is not exclusive to stars – this is how Sportsmart treats all players at all clubs.

We are offering this ‘try before you buy’ football boot experience to all clubs who want us to visit with our Sportsmart Boot Van and expertly fit out their players with Nomis football boots.

There is absolutely no obligation to buy and all players are free to trial the Nomis football boots during training. We believe this, combined with Sportsmart’s expert advice, is the best way to purchase football boots.

If you want us to fit out your club, email to arrange a time for a visit by the Sportsmart Boot Van.

Nomis football is an Australian football boot company supplying premium quality leather football boots to players who seek performance, fitness, injury prevention and superior comfort.

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