Netball requires a strong upper body so that players can throw the ball with great strength, distance and precision as well as being able to stand up tall and hold their ground and position throughout the entire game.

This is a great upper body circuit that will help develop muscular endurance (toning and strengthening) without causing players to bulk too much (not required for netballers). Repeat all sets 2–3 times with either 15 or 20 repetitions for each, depending on strength and time.


• Dumbbell bicep curl (using 3–5kg dumbbells)

• Standing dumbbell shoulder press (using 3–5kg dumbbells)

• Standing dumbbell fly (using 3–5kg dumbbells)


• Barbell bench press (using 3–5kg dumbbells)

• Dumbbell upright row (using 3–5kg dumbbells). Place your hands (holding the dumbbells) straight in front of you with palms close to your legs. Keep the weights together and pull your elbows up towards your ears. Your elbows should remain higher, with your weights just above chest height. Repeat.

• Front raise with dumbbells (using 3–5kg dumbbells). Begin in the same position as the upright row, though this time bring the weights up in front of you. Elbows should have a slight bend in them (arms are nearly straight). Bring the weights to shoulder height, then move them back down and repeat. 


• Tricep dip on bench

• Push-ups (either on knees or toes depending on shoulder strength)

Personal trainer, Tavia Ambler

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