Having the ‘right’ mindset is spoken about as a key factor in being successful at pretty much any endeavour you can think of, but when it comes to achieving strength and fitness goals, what is ‘right’?

Motivation/will/want – or whatever you want to call it – is all spawned from the reason why you set out to achieve these goals in the first place. These reasons should always remain at the forefront of your mind.

Whatever stage you might be in, whether it be an advanced level of training/knowledge or a beginner, this motivation should be nurtured. This helps you to rationally justify the time, effort and pain that will come with your next training session as a necessary means to reach your chosen goals. I believe this to be the most important factor in mental strength, and it is often overlooked. We all have different reasons driving us to train and different levels of motivation.

Often, the poorer the motivation, the more structured the training must be in order to provide one with no excuses. This may include setting time aside on specific dates, organising a training partner to help motivate you and to give you a sense of obligation, or supplementing your team or gym training with equipment at home not only to save time, but also as a constant reminder of what has to be done to achieve your goals.

Training can be enjoyable but it can also be pretty tough. Nurturing your mindset and creating the right environment to remind yourself what motivated you to start training in the first place can definitely help you achieve the results you want.

Sportsmart Northcote Assistant Manager, Adam Musovic

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