Sportsmart Tennis Manager and tennis coach, Ray James

Q. Are there many different kinds of tennis racquet?

There are three major categories of tennis racquets:

  1. Recreational/game-improver range
  2. Intermediate/club competition range
  3. Player performance range

Q. What are some of the main things to think about when selecting a tennis racquet?

The key points to consider are:

–       Which category of player am I?
–       Do I want more power in my game?
–       Do I want more control in my game?
–       Do I want a lighter or heavier racquet, and which is going to suit my style of game?

To get more power, choose a tennis racquet with an oversized head or one with a larger ‘sweet spot’.

To gain more control, a smaller mid-sized head and a thinner beam or profile will be helpful.

The swing weight of the tennis racquet, rather than the overall weight, is the more important factor to consider for your requirements. A more ‘head heavy’ swing weight will suit the more competent player, whereas a lighter head or a more evenly balanced racquet will suit the recreational/game-improver player.

I hope these basic tips will assist you in making the right choice when selecting your next tennis racquet. Our friendly and professional staff at Sportsmart are always happy to answer any other questions you may have.

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