Netball is a game of skill, pace and flexibility – but one very important aspect is shooting accuracy. Whether you are a Goal Attack or Goal Shooter, or you are just keen to try your hand at shooting, breaking the motion down into steps allows you to focus on technique at each point in the shot. Here are five basic steps for shooting a netball:

1. Align your body to the netball post so your whole body faces the post

2. Ensure your feet are shoulder-width apart – this helps with balance

3. Hold the ball in both your hands and stretch your arms straight above your head

4. Bend your knees and elbows then release the ball and push it upwards as you straighten

5. Flick with your wrists as you let go of the ball – this give it some backspin to give the shot more control.

Achieving greater accuracy takes practise – so keep at it for better results! 

Sportsmart Moorabbin Bat and Ball Manager, Tom Kilpatrick

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