with Sportsmart Clothing Manager, Liam Collins

Q. Why is it important to keep warm while training and playing?

A warm muscle is a strong muscle. Warming up before exercise and staying warm during exercise increases the movement of blood through the tissues and increases delivery of oxygen to muscles.

Once muscles are warm they become more limber, which helps prevent injury during exercise.

A warm-up prepares your heart for an increase in activity and prepares your muscles for stretching (note: stretching should be completed after or during the warm-up, not before). In general, a warm-up is essential to exercising safely.

Q. What is the best way to do warm up?

When exercising for general fitness, allow 5 to 10 minutes for your warm-up (or slightly longer in cold weather). This could consist of a light jog, working at 25–35% of maximum heart rate, which will increase body temperature. You should complete movements that gradually increase your heart rate.

As you warm up, your core temperature will increase. As this happens, you can ramp up your warm-up intensity to prepare your body to start your workout/training/game. For example, you might opt to do 6 sets x 40-metre strides at 70% of maximum heart rate.

An athlete, advanced exerciser or someone who is training for a particular sport may need a more advanced and longer warm-up.

Q. Are there any products that help to optimise body temperature?

Compression garments assist with preparation, performance, recovery and body temperature by accelerating blood flow and oxygen to muscles, which assists with eliminating lactic acid to allow you to compete at a higher rate for longer. They also draw moisture away from the skin and improve circulation to optimise body temperature in hot and cold environments.

Some of the options Sportsmart has on offer are:

Skins (compression)

Can be worn in either hot or cold environments. A common misconception is that skins can only be worn during winter as they will be too hot in summer, but this is incorrect. I personally like to wear my Skins™ sport long tights all year-round.

Skins™ also has a travel & recovery range, which can be worn after exercise/activity to aid recovery or during long travel.

Under Armour® (compression)

Includes the ColdGear® range, engineered to be worn in the cold/winter months, and also HeatGear®, designed for the warm/summer months.


Come in store to compare the different options that Sportsmart can offer you.

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