How to clean muddy football boots

Football boots inevitably get covered in dirt and mud. Read these simple steps on how to clean muddy football boots:

  1. Remove football boots outside, ensuring the laces are undone properly (kicking them off can damage the shape of the boot).
  2. While still outside, knock the boots together to remove any loose dirt or mud. Then, use a stiff brush (not wire) to brush all excess dried dirt off before bringing the football boots inside.
  3. Using a damp cloth, wipe the football boots to remove smaller dirt particles. If the boots are made from synthetic material, they may be machine washable (check the instructions). But if they are made from leather, simply use a damp cloth until clean.
  4. When leaving football boots to dry, stuff the inside with newspaper to ensure the boot holds its natural shape. Always allow football boots to dry in a natural heat.

Anyone who wears football boots can follow these steps to help clean and care for their boots after playing in muddy conditions. Cleaning football boots in this way will help them to last a lot longer.

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