Benefits of a kettlebell workout

 How does a kettlebell work as an exercise tool?

Kettlebell exercises involve whole-body, compound movements. These movements are effective at isolating the muscles and building muscle tone, overall strength and body composition. Kettlebell exercises help to strengthen joints through strengthening the tendons and ligaments, resulting in a lower risk of injury.


Kettlebell exercises can aid fat loss

Kettlebell workouts use multiple major muscle groups (hamstrings, quads, shoulders and back). When done correctly, these muscles work together and burn calories efficiently.

Kettlebells can be used for a cardio workout

Kettlebell exercises offer the benefit of both a strength and cardio workout. This makes them perfect for those who get bored from repetitive cardio exercises such as running, rowing or cycling. Kettlebell exercises are effective at increasing your heart rate and making you sweat. For a cardio kettlebell workout, focus more on number of repetitions than on weight.

Other benefits of kettlebell workouts

Kettlebells can help improve coordination through training the body to be more agile; this, in turn, improves stability. Just one kettlebell is all you need for an effective workout at home – no need for that gym membership! Kettlebells come in many different shapes, sizes and weights, so you can find one that is perfect for you.

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