by Josh Cassap, Golf Manager

Putting is a mental game, where scores are made and lost. It’s really important that you find the best putting drills to test yourself whenever you practice putting.

Here are a few putting drills that should improve your golf game.

Pressure putts

Aim: To put your putting under pressure by having a consequence for missing

  1. Start 6ft from the hole and try to hole that putt
  2. If you hole it, you move on to the next hole (9 holes in total)
  3. If you miss it, move the ball back from where it finished by one club length and repeat the process
  4. Consider each hole a par 2 and total your score for the nine holes
  5. Try to beat your best score each time

The sound of success

Aim: To focus on making a solid putting stroke, not where the ball ends up

  1. Pick a spot 3ft from the hole
  2. Aim at holing 10 putts in a row with your eyes closed, after you’ve gone through your pre-shot routine
  3. If you miss a putt or at any time open your eyes, start over 

Make the hole look bigger on the course

Aim: To gain confidence on the golf course by making the hole seem bigger than it is

  1. Put 2 tees in the ground just in front of the hole, so they make the hole about half its actual width
  2. Try to make 5 putts from 4ft
  3. If you miss, start over


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