by Josh Cassap, Golf Manager

One great short game drill is to take 20 golf balls and drop them around the practice green from different lies and positions.

For each shot, go through your routine just as you would on the golf course and imagine you are playing in a competition on whatever golf course you normally play (or perhaps the location of your next competition).

If the ball comes to rest outside of gimme range (2ft), go through your pre-putt routine, just as you would on the course or in a competition and try to hole the putt.

When you’ve made the up and down, move onto the next golf ball until you’ve holed all 20. This exercise might take 40-50 minutes to perform, but it makes practice very meaningful.

This drill allows you to:
•    Practice your routine – getting your process the same, and focusing on it should be consistent no matter what the shot or situation
•    Work on your imagination and visualisation
•    Simulate pressure while you practice
•    Makes practice fun, playing from different lies and trying different shots
•    Give every shot a purpose, instead of being just another practice ball

(Coming up next: Part 3)

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