by Josh Cassap, Golf Manager

Over the next few posts I will be sharing some golf drills (that helped me) for your short game that will help lower your handicap and make your mates jealous!

Try these drills (used by Tour players) to start honing your short game and making more up and downs in 2016.

  1. One club, two distances

In order to become a golf genius from 90 metres and in (the scoring zone), you need to develop your feel.

A great way to practice feel is to hit the same golf club several distances (you can try this with your long game too). With this drill the aim is to make it instinctive how far the pin is away from you (from within 90 metres), something you’ll need to do to get to low single figures.

  1. Start at 110 meters and hit one ball to the target
  2. Move to 100 and use the same club to hit to that same target
  3. Move to 90 and change to whatever club you hit from this distance
  4. Move to 80 and hit the same club as you did from 90
  5. Move to 70 and hit whatever club you would from this distance
  6. Finish by hitting your 70 metre club from the 60 metre position.

So, you’ll have played from 6 distances and used your 3 wedges twice each, to 2 different distances.

Some players choke down on the club and change their ball position for distance control, and others use swing length and tempo. Experiment with both and see what works for you. You can also repeat this golf drill and create more distances by using 3-metre increments.

Coming up next: Part 2 (Real Short Game Practice)


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