Hello all golf fans!

I am the new manager of the golf department at Sportsmart.

I’ve been involved in golf for the past 15 years, having started my golfing life at age 12 as a member of Long Island Golf Club in Frankston. I quickly became obsessed with the game and, getting better, spent all my free time playing and practicing. This eventually got me a plus figure handicap that I have kept for the past 10 years (and hopefully continue to keep!)

I have worked in many aspects of golf from a Club/Member environment to Greenkeeping and, more recently, at Drummond Golf, which allowed me to specialise in Club fitting and Club repairs as well as gain comprehensive product knowledge.

I am excited to be part of the team at Sportsmart Moorabbin, and am available from Tuesday to Saturday to offer advice on all your golfing requirements.

Golf Manager, Josh Cassap

Josh IMG_20151008_144108648

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