by Golf Manager, Mic Walsh

Are you thinking about getting into golf? Or wanting to upgrade your equipment? Package deals are a very good way of getting a complete set for a great price. There are many options in package sets, and here is a few tips on getting what you need to suit your game.

The starter set is usually the cheapest deal. It’s great for people who are getting into golf for the first time. So, you’ve been to the range and hit some balls with your friends and are looking to get out on the course. This set is for you. Price wise, about $300-$500 will give you a full set of clubs, putter and bag. The difference in this set compared to the more expensive sets is that the driver will most likely no be titanium. It would be a ‘Ti Matrix’ driver which is only partly titanium, and does not have the power of a full titanium driver. You will get less distance and less forgiveness from this type of driver. The other steel shafts will be of a lesser quality too. This does not mean they will not perform; it just means that they are less consistent than finer quality steel shafts. But, if you just want to go out for a hit from time to time, this package will suit you fine.

When you want to take your game to the next level, you may want to invest in an intermediate set. The individual components of these clubs are of a higher quality. It will usually include a full titanium driver, and with better quality steel and graphite shafts, this type of set gives an intermediate golfer the ability to play to a higher level of consistency. The gapping in distance between the clubs will remain the same and the quality of the graphite shafts in the driver and fairway woods will keep the ball longer and straighter when hit well. This is the set for the person who plays regularly but still does not want to spend a fortune. Price wise $500-$700.

Lastly, there is the premium quality set. This is for seasoned golfers looking for the best quality and best performance. These sets are usually made by the biggest companies in golf. The advantage in buying these sets is that these companies invest millions in R&D every year. They make their equipment to a high standard from a high grade material, so this sort of package will last longer and play better for all types of golfer. Better clubs have the ability to make better golfers. They tend to be more forgiving so they make your bad shots better. The graphite shafts in the woods will resist twisting more and keep the club head straighter through impact, producing straighter shots and less time in the trees. This is not a guarantee, but it will lessen the effect of slicing and hooking just by design. These sets look visually better and usually have a better quality putter and bag. Price point is starting at $800 and going up to over $1000. The big advantage in this sort of set is that, if you were to buy these quality clubs individually, you would be looking at spending up to $2000 or more in a lot of cases, so the saving can be substantial.

Whatever set you are looking for, we can help you choose and take you through the options in store. We can let you hit the options too in our fitting net.

To help you choose, here are 3 packages:

  1. Shark Attack XP package, $349 – Perfect for starters
  2. Wilson Deep Red package, $599 – The next level set
  3. Callaway Warbird package, $999 – Premium quality package

Happy golfing!

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