by Mic Walsh, Golf Manager

When it comes to choosing a driver for golf, there are so many choices out there that it can become confusing. Here is a simple guide to help you get the right club for your swing.

Just about every company will do 2 different golf drivers in their range. One for the low handicapper, and one for the high handicapper.

Low handicap golf drivers are designed for shot shaping. They are usually higher in the face and will allow the better player to shape the ball left or right as they see fit. Being higher in the face, they have less width to the head so they are less forgiving.

High handicap golf drivers will be lower in the height of the clubs crown, but wider. This means the ‘sweet spot’ of the club is bigger and the consistency of the drives will be better.

First, choose the driver that you think is right for you. If you just want to hit straight drives, then the wider head club may be for you. If you want to shot shape your drives, the smaller head will help.

Secondly, choose the company you are most confident in. So much of golf is played between the ears, and a confident golfer is usually a good golfer.  If you are confident with the company and confident you have the right club in your hands, you will hit better drives.

There are of course subtle differences between all golf drivers. If you need help figuring out which company, which model and which shape you need to buy, visit us in store at Moorabbin and let our golf experts take you through the options. We have a hitting net where we can put you through your paces and get the right driver to suit your swing.

This month we are having a special on re-gripping. Winter is notorious for slippery worn grips, so come in and take advantage of the Winter Special of a standard re-grip for only $5 per club. We also have many more grips to choose from and all prices include fitting.

Happy golfing!

Taylormade R15 driver

Taylormade R15 driver

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