by Thomas Kilpatrick

Bat Sports Category Manager


When choosing a hockey stick, it is important to get the right size.

A good rule of thumb is the hockey stick should sit from the ground to between your waist and your belly button.

This ‘rule’ may vary depending on your age and the position you play.

For example, a junior hockey player would fit to the belly button to allow more growing room. A defender would use a larger and heavier stick than a forward, because a defender wants a better reach, and a forward wants better control (which you get with a shorter hockey stick).

To look after your hockey stick, ensure you use a shaft guard to protect the head. This will help with contact from the ground or other players’ sticks.


Hockey sticks can be made from different types of materials: wood, fibreglass, carbon fibre and aramid.

A basic hockey stick is made from wood, and has fibreglass reinforcement to lighten and strengthen the stick. Eg. Kookaburra Crush Junior $29.99, ideal for beginner players.

Kookaburra Crush Wood Junior Hockey Stick 2015

Kookaburra Crush Wood Junior Hockey Stick 2015

The next level of hockey stick is made mostly out of fibreglass with a bit of carbon fibre for extra power, and is lighter again for better performance. Eg. Grays GX E11 Standard Junior $59.99.

Grays GX E11 Standard Junior Maxi Hockey Stick 2015

Grays GX E11 Standard Junior Maxi Hockey Stick 2015

Hockey stick prices can vary from $19.99 to $349.99; the more carbon and aramid, the better the stick. View our range of hockey sticks online, or in store.

Our Moorabbin store has some demo hockey sticks available, so you can try before you buy. Please visit us in store, or view our online shop, for all your hockey needs.

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