Choosing a basketball ring/system in 2 easy steps:


Consider where the system will be, and who will be using it.

In-ground basketball systems

Best for:
Where – Premium performance usage in a permanent paved area
Who – Competitive or professional players, casual but regular players, families, teens

Standard in-ground basketball systems secure the basketball pole in concrete. These types of basketball systems offer the best level of stability. The pole cannot be removed or adjusted without damaging the concrete, but some systems can be removed using a ground sleeve. The height of these systems is adjustable.

Spalding Gold Acrylic 50 Inground

Spalding Gold Acrylic 50″ In-ground Basketball System

Check out our range of in-ground basketball systems.

Portable basketball systems

Best for:
Where – Anywhere where portability is important
Who – Portable systems with an acrylic or polycarb backboard are best for casual players, young kids and families. Portable systems with a glass backboard are ideal for competitive players.

A portable basketball system allows you to play basketball almost anywhere. These standalone units feature a base with wheels, backboard, pole and rim. For stability, fill the base with water or sand. These basketball systems are convenient and easy. Portable basketball systems offer a similar amount of stability as in-ground systems, and are a great option for those who are deterred by basketball system installation. These basketball systems make great Christmas gifts as they are enjoyable for the whole family. They are also adjustable; helpful for teaching young kinds to play. Sportsmart stocks the largest range of portable basketball systems in Australia.

Spalding Platinum Series 54 Acrylic Basketball System

Spalding Platinum Series 54″ Acrylic Portable Basketball System

Check out our range of portable basketball systems.

Wall-mounted basketball systems

Best for:
Where – Tight spaces or areas where there is no fixed place for a pole/bar
Who – Casual but regular players, families, teens

Wall-mounted basketball systems can be attached to a garage/carport, wall, side of the house etc. These types of basketball systems will need to be installed, and generally include a backboard, hoop and net. Backboards require the mounting kit/connections to be purchased separately, and they can be either fixed or adjustable. Sportsmart sells suitable mounting equipment in store and online. When purchasing a wall-mounted basketball system, it is important to consider the area in which the system will be placed. Different types of roofs may have trouble holding the backboard straight. When considering this option, ensure you make staff aware of where your basketball backboard will be placed so they can offer installation advice. Basketball rings need to be mounted to 10 feet.

Spalding Acrylic 54 Backboard Combo

Spalding Acrylic 54″ Backboard Combo

Spalding Adjustable Ratchet Bracket

Spalding Adjustable Ratchet Bracket

Check out our range of wall-mounted basketball systems.


Size considerations:

Sportsmart offers basketball backboards in 8 sizes: 24”, 32”, 42”, 44”, 48”, 50”, 52”, 54”, 60” and 72”. The main factors affecting the size you choose are the size of your playing area and the skill level of those who will be using it.

The 24” and 32” are junior basketball systems best for young kids from 3 years old.

Spalding 32 Youth Basketball System

Spalding 32″ Youth Basketball System

The 42” and 44” backboards are most suited to young children playing casually.

Spalding Silver Series 42 Acrylic Basketball System

Spalding Silver Series 42″ Acrylic Portable Basketball System

Backboards sized 48”, 50” and 52” are best for a small playing area, and can often be a good option to suit budgets.

Spalding Gold Acrylic 50 Inground

Spalding Gold Acrylic 50″ In-ground Basketball System

For a playing area the size of a 2-car driveway, a 54” or 60” backboard will suit.

Spalding 54 Glass Portable Basketball System

Spalding 54″ Glass Portable Basketball System

For more professional players who want to best replicate actual playing conditions, and who have the space and budget to suit, a 72” backboard is ideal.

Spalding Glass 72 Arena View Inground Basketball System

Spalding Glass 72″ Arena View In-ground Basketball System

Material type:

The materials used in the backboard affect the bounce or rebound factor.


Glass backboards feature the best rebound performance and are ideal for highly competitive play. Glass backboards also stay crystal clear for the life of the basketball system.

Best for: heavy use; competition or professional players

Spalding The Beast 60 Glass Portable Basketball System

Spalding ‘The Beast’ 60″ Glass Portable Basketball System


Acrylic backboards feature very good rebound performance and are ideal for competitive play. Acrylic backboards are lighter than glass boards, so they don’t require as large of a pole to support them. While acrylic boards can dull from scratches, this is a cheaper option than glass backboards.

Best for: casual-heavy use; families; teens and children

Spalding Diamond 54 Acrylic Portable Basketball System

Spalding Diamond 54″ Acrylic Portable Basketball System


Polycarbonate backboards feature good rebound performance and are ideal for recreational play.

Best for: casual use; children

Spalding Silver 42 NBL Polycarbonate Basketball System

Spalding Silver 42″ NBL Polycarbonate Portable Basketball System


Composite backboards offer a recreational level of play and a large variety of colour options.

Best for: young children playing for fun

Spalding No Tools 44 NBA Basketball System

Spalding No Tools 44″ NBA Portable Basketball System

Need more help?

Of course there are other considerations such as your preferred method of height adjustment, which can vary between different systems, ring type, and which basketball systems fit within your budget. But if you follow the 2-step process, you really can’t go wrong!

Sportsmart has a wide range of basketball systems suited to all types of players. For more advice and information, view our range of basketball systems and backboards online, visit one of our Melbourne stores or phone our online team on (03) 9091 5024.

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