Jacquie-SharplesJacquie Sharples, co-founder of Carpe Diem Wellbeing and author of If Your Body Could Talk, shares her top tips for keeping up your workout routine in winter.

#1 Go shopping and rug up!

So often we are freezing when we work out in winter because we are not dressed in the right gear. It’s important to invest in some good winter training pieces, and they will last you for years! To be warm and comfortable when training outdoors in winter, you’ll need:

  • A good pair of long leggings; you can’t go past Performax and 2XU compression leggings.
  • A tight long-sleeved under layer to keep you warm but won’t make you overheat. Skins and Under Armour long-sleeve tops are fantastic.
  • A good hoodie (check out Sportsmart’s range of men’s hoodies and women’s hoodies online, plus there’s more in store)
  • A lightweight and waterproof jacket
  • A beanie or headband that covers your ears
  • Gloves

#2 Head indoors

If the cold weather puts you off, bring your workout indoors. Invest in workout equipment for the home – maybe a treadmill, exercise bike or home gym, and you’ll find it easier to maintain your fitness regime through winter. Having equipment at home – even just some dumbbells or a boxing bag – is good encouragement to slot in an extra 10-minute routine here and there, whatever the season.

#3 Workout with friends

This is a great idea in any season, but especially in winter when motivation is low. Booking in a time to workout with a friend is a great way to be accountable to someone else and have more fun.

#4 Do something you enjoy

Mid-winter isn’t the best time to try and do workouts you don’t like; the last thing you need is another reason why the couch is a better choice. Get back to doing the types of workouts that give you maximum enjoyment, stress relief, make you laugh or make you feel fantastic. They are great motivators to keep you moving.

#5 Tell yourself you love it!

Changing your language about working out in winter can help you learn to love it. For example, I often hear people say: “I hate running in the rain. It’s so annoying and you get wet and cold.” Change your mindset and instead say: “Only champions train in the rain.” I’ll never forget seeing a great advertisement with Cathy Freeman running in the rain.  Ever since then I’ve made the connection in my mind between training in the rain and being a champion.

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