Jogging is considered to be one of the most effective aerobic exercises and is invaluable for maintaining overall health. Jogging involves more attention to the proper techniques than most people realise. If you jog incorrectly you may cause injuries such as pain in the hips, back or legs. If you feel any pain in these areas it is likely you are jogging incorrectly.

Jogging has multiple benefits. It helps burn calories, strengthens the cardiovascular system, prevents weight gain and keeps you healthy overall. Also, it’s fun and relieves stress.

It is important to wear the appropriate clothing while jogging. Comfortable cotton clothing helps your pores breathe as opposed to synthetic wear which will make you sweat. Shoes also play an important part, well cushioned shoes must be worn to provide shock absorption which will minimise impact on knees and other joints.

When jogging, keep your back straight. Your head and back should be aligned in a straight line. Keep the abdomen tight. Take care to land on the mid-foot so that the entire foot rolls from heels to toe. Keep the strides natural and comfortable. Avoid deliberately taking long strides as this will tire out faster. Keep your shoulders relaxed and swing your arms to add intensity to the jogging routine. Avoid lifting your knees too high, this will avoid bouncing and wasting energy. Warm up with a brisk walk before jogging if you are a beginner.

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