Even the most seasoned athlete needs to improve their game sometimes. Know that patience, practice and control are key factors to improving your softball throw. No matter what age you are, basic pitching techniques and mechanics are generally the same.

Start by warming up daily. A brief or short warm up will make you more flexible and will ultimately prevent short or long term sports injury. Try to also condition yourself with non-softball related exercises. This could typically include running, weight lifting or swimming. The aim with these types of work outs is to increase your overall endurance, strength and speed.

Practice and focus on mechanics. Many professionals spend hours perfecting the game, even when they are alone. Find a local batter’s box. You will probably meet other softball players this way, if you are not already on a team. You can pitch, they can hit. Know how to properly grip and release. Techniques to incorporate into your practice sessions are: the swim, wrist flips, receiving and front arm drills.

Set goals by writing down a schedule. Write down each throwing technique you learned and how long it took you to perfect them. As with any learning forum, it is a good idea to keep track of what you learned and how you went about learning.

And finally, practice every chance you get!

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