As a baseball player enters the batter’s box and prepares to hit the ball, the time spent practicing and perfecting his technique will pay off with a ball hit solidly into the field. A fundamental part of hitting a baseball involves holding the baseball bat correctly. When a baseball player knows the proper way to hold a bat, they will have more success at the plate.

Follow our instructions to help you hold a baseball bat properly.

  1.   Put on batting gloves as you bat to increase the comfort of your grip.
  2.   Grasp the bat at the bottom just above the knob with your non dominant hand.
  3.   Place your dominant hand immediately above your other hand on the bat.
  4.   Hold the bat firmly with the fingers of both hands – not the palms of the hands. Grip the bat tightly   enough to have adequate control, yet not so tightly that you feel tense. An overly tight grasp may affect your batting accuracy. Wiggle the fingers of both hands to reduce tension in your hands.
  5.   Raise the bat and place it back toward the shoulder farthest from the pitcher as you stand at the plate. Keep your hands roughly at shoulder height.

Some extra tips:

Relax as you grip the bat. When you relax, you can react faster to pitches.

For more bat control, you can choke up which means moving your hands slightly up from the knob.

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