In baseball being able to hit a ball is half the game. Many ballplayers have their own unusual hitting styles, but most follow the same basics for making good contact and piling up the base hits.

If you bat right handed, grip the bat with your left hand at or near the narrow end of the bat and your right hand above your left hand. If you bat left handed, your left hand is on top and right hand should be on the bottom. Usually you want to leave no room in between your hands. Your bottom hand can rest on the rim of the base of the bat or if it feels more comfortable, you can choke up. Choking up involves having a space of up to a few inches between your bottom hand and the rim.

Stand parallel to the home plate with your feet about shoulder width apart. You want both feet facing directly at the home plate with your knees slightly bent.

Touch the end of the bat to the centre of the home plate. This will give you a feel for how close to the plate you need to stand. You want to be able to swing the bat all the way over the plate without leaning. Stand in the batter’s box where you feel comfortable, you must ensure both feet are in the box and you are not standing on the plate. The farther forward you are in the box, the less time you have to see a pitch.

Hold the bat slightly behind your head, but up in the air not resting against your head, neck or shoulder. When the pitch comes, watch the ball and never take your eyes off it until after you have swung or let it go past.

To start your swing, step towards the pitcher with your left foot (or right foot if you are left handed).You want the foot to still be facing the plate or a little in front of the plate. As that front foot goes down, pivot the front of your back foot until that foot is facing the pitcher. Pretend like you are squishing a bug. This back foot should never leave the ground during your swing.

Swing the bat over the home plate while you pivot your back foot. Bring the bat all the way across and over the home plate. Your arms should extend all the way when swinging. Swing the bat all the way through. Most of the power will come from your legs and hips not your arms. Swing straight through the ball, not up at the ball or down. You want a nice, parallel with the plate swing.

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