There are many exercise and fitness options available which makes it difficult to find one that is effective for beginners. Spin bikes are a good option. Spinning involves riding a stationary bike in various standing or seated positions while increasing or decreasing the resistance level in order to create a vigorous workout. While spinning is commonly done in a group setting as part of a class, it can be just as easily done from the comfort of your own home with a personal stationary bike.

Like most stationary bikes, spinning bikes have the advantage of being indoors and unaffected by weather. That advantage means they are an option in winter as well as for people who live in colder climates. Additionally, if you decide to take a spinning class an instructor can be a motivating factor to help you achieve your fitness goals. Or if you choose to purchase a spinning bike for your home, you have the convenience of being able to work out on your own schedule in a place that is comfortable for you.

Unlike other workouts, getting started with a spin bike is something that nearly everyone can do. There is no need to worry about balance or staying upright on two wheels, it is even easier than riding a real bicycle. With a tension knob or level that can create a wide range of resistances, the bike can be set to suit levels from beginners to advanced.

Spinning bikes are built to have a greater resemblance to road bikes. This construction gives riders a wider variation of workout options compared to other stationary bikes. By being able to stand up and climb or lean forward and sprint, riders can isolate different muscle groups that are sometimes neglected when using a stationary bike.

A spinning bike also allows you to change the workout routine. Most road riders tend to follow similar paths, making for the same workout on a regular basis. By being able to change resistance and body position a rider on a spinning bike can prevent their workout from ever being the same.

The real purpose behind getting on a spin bike is to see results in your health and fitness. Cycling is a low impact workout that burns fat, builds lean muscle and improves cardiovascular function. Spinning also works muscles in the back, lower trunk and hips that aid stabilisation and help improve posture.

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