Mixing up your serves during a match can make the difference between you holding your serve and getting broken on your service game. There are many ways to serve mixing up pace with spins etc. Being able to keep your opponents guessing where and how you might serve next will keep them on their toes. We will take a look at a few serving options.

  • Placement: Placement is important. With placement you can pull your opponent off the court with a wide serve. You can also hit the ball at their body. Placement of the serve also allows you to direct the serve to their weaker side and control more points. Moving your opponent out of position or into position will help you get the upper hand during the game.
  • Spins: There are four different types of serves in terms of spins. The flat serve, slice serve, topspin serve and kick serve. If you use all 4 types of serves effectively during a match your opponent will have to adjust to hit each one.
  • Speed: Speed is a tough one to think about because many people think that the faster you can hit a serve the better. Being able to hit a hard serve is an advantage but without placement it is not nearly as effective. When you mix up the speeds of your serves it makes it harder for your opponent to get a good read on the ball.
  • Stance: You can adjust where you stand to hit your serve to keep your opponent guessing. This may cause your opponent to stand differently than usual to return the serve. If you stand way out wide to hit the serve you will be able to hit at a much greater angle and pull your opponent off the court. This however makes you vulnerable.

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