Give your workout an extra boost that will help you burn more calories, faster. If you make the most of your exercise sessions you will get better results and reach your weight loss goals faster and more easily.

  • Do strength before cardio: If you do both weight training and cardio on the same day, do the strength training first. If you work hard at the weights, when you do cardio your body will be forced to burn fat. If you don’t usually do strength training, try and get into the habit of doing a few simple weight exercises and it will help you get the most out of your cardio workout.
  • Stretch while you rest: Make the most of your rest time between sets of strength exercises by stretching the muscle you have been working on. This gives your strength workout a boost. Frequently stretching not only improves flexibility but increases strength.
  • Mix it up: Alternate between different types of exercises to target muscles in different ways. Switch between machines, hand weights and body fat exercises. Also try to vary the level of resistance.
  • Add intervals: Vary your cardio program by adding intervals. Alternate between fast bursts of intense exercise with slower recovery sessions. For example, if you usually jog, sprint for 30 seconds and then return to your regular pace.
  • Shorten your rests: Make your rest periods between strength sets shorter to burn more calories.
  • Beat your best: When exercising on machines, keep an eye on how many calories you are burning. Then next time you do the same activity, try to beat that number by increasing your speed or resistance.
  • Hit the hills: Whether you are running, walking or biking add hills into your cardio routine. This will make you stronger and burn more calories in the time you spend working out. You can either find a hilly route outside or do repeats on one hill, or use the incline function on the treadmill.
  • Lift slowly: When you are doing weights, lift and release slowly to maximise the effect of each move.
  • Limit your workouts: Keep your workout time at 30-40 minutes and make sure the whole time is spent well. It is better to work out at a higher intensity for a shorter amount of time.
  • Increase your pace: Once a week, increase the speed of your cardio workout. Try completing a whole session at your top pace, pretending you are in a race.

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