As with any sport, practice makes perfect with tennis. Using the correct practice methods will help you improve. It can also prevent you from having to unlearn improper techniques that you may develop if you don’t work on your basic skills and form. Follow these steps to start an effective practice routine to help you improve your game.

Begin each practice session by checking for the proper grip on the tennis racquet. An improper grip will result in a less effective stroke and serve.

Start your session by practicing strokes without a ball. Try at least 25 each of serves, forehands, backhands, forehand volleys and backhand volleys. Do the first ten strokes slowly to check the proper form and follow through.

Work on hand eye coordination by bouncing a tennis ball on the racquet. Flip the racquet so you are using the opposite side of the strings after every third bounce for an extra challenge.

Find a wall to hit the ball against and mark a visible line at the height of a standard net. The standard height is 36 inches at the centre and 42 inches at the side post. Try to hit the ball as close to the center measurement as you can.

Practice your forehands and backhands against the wall. Work to control the ball. Focus where it is going. Control will allow you to hit several of each stroke in a row and change when you choose.

Move to the court with a bunch of tennis balls and practice serving. Try to land each serve in the centre of the box opposite the side of the net.

Conduct three of these practice sessions for each match that you play and take note during each match of where you need to improve.

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