Pitching a softball at a high rate of speed with accuracy is a skill that pitchers need to constantly work on. Softball pitchers must have in their routine an exercise regimen that includes workouts aimed specifically at improving pitching speed.

Pitching velocity relies on coordination throughout many parts of the body and having strong, stable legs is essential. The ability to drive the leg into the ground with force has a significant effect on the speed of the ball. Therefore, pitcher workouts should include exercises that will help improve leg strength such as lunges, squats, calf raises, leg presses and leg curls.

Although some pitchers and pitching coaches shy away from heavy upper body workouts because they fear they might injure their throwing arm, pitchers who include upper body resistance training can increase their pitching speed. In fact, stronger shoulder muscles can significantly help to prevent injuries. Some exercises include, bench presses, rowing machine work and push ups.

In addition to working out major muscle groups, there are some resistance exercises that will help the pitcher increase velocity. Pitchers can pitch with a weighted baseball. This will make a regulation ball seem easier to release at higher speeds.

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