Rebounding is arguably the most important aspect of a successful basketball team. Good rebounding teams have a combination of good techniques along with a strong desire for the ball.

You must always assume that the ball has missed the basket. You can’t get the position you want if you wait to see if the shooter has missed. Always assume they will miss!

Block out your opponent. There are two effective ways to do this. The first is the frontal step. If the opponent guarding you tries for a rebound, step in front of them and make contact. Be sure to stay balanced and wide with your knees slightly bent and your legs apart.

The second fundamental of blocking is the reverse pivot. This is good to use when your back is to the hoop. When someone shoots, you spin or pivot on one foot. Let’s say you’re using your right foot as the pivot foot. As the shot goes up, pivot on your right foot and swing your left leg across your body so you now face the basket. This move allows you to cover a lot of space quickly.

Finally, grab the rebound. Make sure your feet are positioned so you have balance and jump up wide and strong. Extend your arms and reach for the ball with both hands. Get a good lock on the ball as soon as your fingertips make contact with it. Be careful not to bring the ball too close to your body as it will be much easier for defenders to knock the ball away from you.

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