If you are able to get kids excited about exercise at an early age, they will consider it a treat rather than hard work. The way to accomplish this is to turn physical activity into a game so your children will ‘play’.

Yoga and other stretching exercises are great ways to warm up for other exercises such as running, and playing sport. Yoga exercises are also good on their own, they increase flexibility and concentration in both children and adults.

You can make yoga poses fun for kids by introducing them with informal names i.e. a balancing position is called ‘tree pose’ and back exercises are ‘cat’ and ‘cow’.

Cycling is another exercise opportunity as it is a great way for families to have a fun time together. Get kids interested by creating a race atmosphere. Set a course, sound a starter and time children to the finish line. On family rides, include a goal such as stopping for ice cream half way through. This alone will get kids pretty excited!

Organised sports is something many children naturally have an interest in. Getting kids involved in sports such as soccer, basketball, and football are great to give kids a bit of regular exercise as well as make new friends and have fun. Individual sports such as swimming or gymnastics are also a good option and some kids may be more comfortable in these types of sports rather than in a team atmosphere. Evaluate your options and choose a sport which is suited to your child.

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