Sports clubs are facing many challenges including recruiting new members, retaining existing members, growing sponsorship revenue etc. which they need to overcome in order to survive. This guide will assist you in gaining a greater understanding in how to promote your club and recruit new members.

All sporting clubs need to undertake in some form of marketing. This may include listing your club on a website, placing information about membership registrations in the local newspapers, offering discounts or even redecorating club facilities. In this day and age it is important for clubs to differentiate themselves in order to stand out from the rest. This basically means finding something that your club does which is different from other clubs i.e. promoting a positive and inclusive social atmosphere, high emphasis on team spirit etc.

You may choose to have a few marketing messages in place to target different audiences such as families: family friendly clubs with a playground, juniors: play with your school friends or seniors: meet new people and enjoy the social atmosphere after the game.

There are a variety of ways in which you can actively promote your club. Active promotion can be the most powerful promotional method in recruiting new members. It involves engaging people to participate in activities so that they can gain a greater understanding of the sport and club.

Active promotion is most effective in the following two ways:

  • Inviting people to a club event: Host an open day at the start of the season, this will engage both potential and existing club members by providing free coaching, games and activities. Base the day around fun, encourage old players to bring a friend and consider offering an ‘early bird special’ for members that sign up on that day.
  • Organise a corporate event involving local businesses. Encourage those that work full time to get active in your sport and modify the rules if need be.

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