Going to the gym everyday does lose its appeal quickly. It may have been fun when you first joined up, but suddenly you find yourself making excuses not to go. It is natural to feel bored when you are doing the same thing everyday but there are ways that you can make your workout fun and motivate yourself to enjoy going to the gym.

Develop a workout routine that keeps things interesting. Change it up every other day so that you don’t get bored. Alternate your gym workout between cardio and weights. Plan which days you will focus on cardio and which days you will work on your muscles.

Choose an exercise machine or exercise which you enjoy most. Plan to do it at a time that you feel most motivated i.e. starting your workout with that particular machine or exercise to give yourself motivation to actually get to the gym or last so that you can get through your workout knowing you will end it doing something you enjoy.

Go to the gym with a friend. This makes your workout more fun as you have someone to talk to and you can motivate each other on those days where you don’t feel like going at all. Sign up to classes at the gym whether it’s spinning, yoga or Zumba. Mix up your typical gym work out and give yourself something different to look forward to.

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  1. Adelaide Gym

    When we go out to gym don’t concentrate to lift more and more weight. People have mind set if we lift more weight our chest size increases. But it is not correct fitness didnt come in a day.

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